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My wife loves windmills and barns so when we´re out and about I´m always on the look out for a good windmill picture. They are pretty hard to come by because windmills are getting scarce. Most of the windmills in these galleries were taken in the Midwest from Texas to Wisconsin.

Shattuck Windmill Museum

Many of the pictures in the Oklahoma galleries were taken in Shattuck, Oklahoma at the Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park. Shattuck is about as far west as you can get and still be in Oklahoma without going up into the Oklahoma panhandle. The park is located at the Junction of Hwy. 283 and Hwy. 15. It is open every day of the week, sunup to sundown.

At last count the park had 48 windmills, one wind generator, a soddy dugout house and an old farm house. All of the windmills are in good working order. The local community has really done a great job of restoring the windmills. They range in size from 5 feet up to 18 feet across. The 18 footer pumped water for the railroad from 2000 feet down. If you´re in the area it´s worth a short detour to visit the park. The park is a very educational look into life on the prairie. The community and volunteers who maintain the park are constantly improving and adding to the park.

Windmill Galleries