01/05/09 to 03/30/09

roaring river state park

My wife and I recently took a road trip looking for barns over in SW Missouri on New Years day. During our travels we wound up in Roaring River Springs State Park in SW Missouri. It has a pretty good spring on it, along with a trout hatchery and trout fishing starting in early spring through the fall. There is also picnicking camping and hiking available. This picture was taken on the south end of Devil´s Kitchen Trail. It is a mile and a half trail up over a ridge, a lot of beautiful scenery, even in the winter.


I went out to Sequoyah State Park this past Saturday looking for deer but there were not many out. While walking along the waters edge I came across this feather. I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?

I suspect that it´s a Pelican´s feather from the size, but it could also be a snow goose feather. You may not think of Pelicans in Oklahoma but Lake Fort Gibson has a pretty good size flock that winters there. I have seen them in the summer but not in the numbers that they appear in the winter. They´re pretty skittish so I didn´t get any good pictures of them on this day.

ice covered landscape

This picture was taken a couple of winters ago. We had a pretty bad ice storm hit the area; it just missed my home by about 5 miles. The next day was Saturday so I got in the truck and took a short road trip. It was a beautiful day and the back roads weren´t too bad, especially the gravel ones, just as long as you took it slow.


A couple of years ago on a Sunday afternoon we took a quick ride up to Spencer Creek. Spencer Creek is a campground located on the east side of Lake Oologah northeast of Tulsa, OK. It was a beautiful late fall day and the camp ground was closed for the season, so we walked around and just enjoyed the outdoors.

sun and ice

Well I´m finally beginning to recover from my PC crash. We lost power the night of the ice storm that hit our area. It was only out for about 5 hours but when I tried to turn on the PC Monday morning, well we´ll just say it wasn´t pretty. I finally had to just buy a new PC, thank goodness for backups.

This is a picture of my backyard the day after the storm finally stopped. It lasted for about 3 days but we didn´t get it as bad as the people south and east of us. Two weeks after the storm some people were still without power. Still it was beautiful until the ice melt.

spring beauty

Spring is just around the corner despite the recent cold weather. We´ve been seeing the first wildflowers in our yard for a couple of weeks now. Most of them are a weed that is very fruitful in the spring. I never have been able to find anyone who knows the name of it. The flower is kind of pretty but it sure retards the grass growth and anything else where ever it grows.

This is a picture of the Spring Beauties that bloom every year in our yard. They are also starting to bloom, in another few weeks our yard will be carpeted with them. Don´t know about you but I can´t wait for spring.

sessile bellwort

We left the area for two days, came back and the flowers were blooming. I counted 6 different wildflowers blooming in my yard on top of the peach and Bradford pear trees. This is the earliest I´ve seen the Sessile Bellwort out and blooming though. It´s a beautiful little flower and I´ve got more blooming than I´ve seen in years, there must be at least a dozen blooming in my yard right now. This is promising to be a beautiful spring.

lake skiatook

Spring is here and I´m ready. Can´t wait for summer so thought I would show this picture. I took it in a quite cove on upper Lake Skiatook in Oklahoma. I simply call it reflections.

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