07/06/08 to 09/29/08

Prairie Blazing Star

It was a beautiful day here in Oklahoma on Friday, July 4th, so the wife and I took a drive up into NE Oklahoma on the back roads. Just off of Hwy 28 East of Foyil we found this small field with the Prairie Blazing Star blooming, along with Black-Eyed Susan and other wild flowers. We were out looking for barns, found a few, one or two of them will probably make it to the Barn pages in future weeks. It was just a nice day for a drive, blue sky´s, good company, country roads and wildflowers.


The wife and I set out very early Saturday morning for a road trip. It was a very long day and it started off nice. This wasn´t the most beautiful part of the sunrise, I just couldn´t get a clear picture 5 minutes earlier, but it is still magnificent. This is the way it was; I haven´t performed any enhancement of the picture in any way. It was just a gorgeous sunrise over I-44 in Mayes County Oklahoma.

Day Lily

We went to Woolaroc this past Saturday; it´s a park about 15 miles south of Bartlesville, OK. It was Frank Phillips ranch, the founder of Phillips Petroleum. From the entrance it´s two miles to the ranch house, museum and petting zoo. On the way you´ll see two or three kinds of deer, buffalo, long horn cattle and many other animals. There is a trapper´s camp just off the main road also.

The museum is world class with many original works by top western artist, a fine gun collection and Indian art, artifacts and blankets everywhere. Our granddaughter enjoys the petting zoo, the wife and I just enjoy walking around the grounds. Kids love the water garden just below the lodge with its twists, turns and nooks to hide in. Although Woolaroc is known for its animals and museum there are a few flower beds around the museum and lodge that have some beautiful flowers. I found this day lily at the top of the water garden just below the lodge. The sun was hitting them just right and they were beautiful.

Bearded Dragon Lizard

We took our granddaughter to the zoo this past week; she´s spending a few weeks with us. We had just entered the zoo when I took a short detour to get a picture of some water lilies. I ran into a volunteer holding this fellow. My granddaughter got to pet him for awhile and I was able to get some good close up´s.

He´s an Australian Bearded Dragon lizard and although he looks bad, he´s very gentle and not a prickly as he looks.

passion flower

This weeks Pick of The week is from my backyard. It´s a Passion flower and they´ve been blooming for about two weeks. The book says that they come in purple or yellow; however, as you can see this one is white. It´s the first white one I´ve seen. I´ve never seen a yellow one but I´ve always had some of the purple one´s growing somewhere on the backside of my yard. They are truly a beautiful flower.

twin fawns

There was a bumper crop of fawns in Sequoyah State Park this year. I lost track of how many I saw this past week. I went looking for bucks in velvet and ended up with this picture of twins.

yellow rose

I took a picture of this yellow rose outside my mother´s house in the early afternoon using natural lighting. I really like the way the background turned out, it highlights the rose beautifully.

common gray treefrog

I went to my brother´s house this past week after the sun had went down looking for critters. You don´t see a lot of tree frogs simply because they spend their time in the trees and only come down after sunset. He says that he usually has several on his windows most nights but this is the only one we saw when I was there. We found him on one of his sheds. This fellow is called a Common Gray Treefrog

pipevine butterfly

My wife and I were out looking over The Deep Fork N.W.R. area just south of Okmulgee, OK. We found several short hiking trails on the reserve; one in particular caught our eye. It was a newly blacktopped trail with a large section of boardwalk.

It had been raining all morning and we didn´t want our dogs to get all wet and muddy so when we saw the paved hiking trail, we decided to take a short walk. It wasn´t the best day to take pictures because we were still getting a few rain drops, and there were not very many insects out and about. However, on our way out we caught this Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly feeding on a thistle. He was a very cooperative subject, and the cloudy day also helped with getting good contrast on his colors.

white barn

On a recent trip back to Missouri we found this nice barn on Hwy 52 east of Hwy 50 displaying the American Flag. The farm was really well maintained; fences were in good shape and painted.


During our recent trip to Missouri my brothers and I went looking for critters for me to take pictures of. We found this Green Clearwing Dragonfly near a remote pond. I had taken a lot of pictures of Dragonflies and Damselflies on the same day as this picture. A few turned out, but this was the best of the lot.

cicada killer wasp

Well this is another picture from that August trip to Missouri. This is going to be the last one from that trip. These last few weeks are just a small sample of the pictures I took during that trip. I will probably be posting more this winter in other locations on this web site.

This fellow is a Cicada Killer wasp. They burrow into a mud bank, and then they go and find a Cicada, put it in the hole and lay one egg. Then they move on to the next hole. It´s not unusual to see them but I would not call them common. If you leave them alone they will leave you alone.

yellow windmill

I´m highlighting a new gallery this week, Windmills. This yellow one here was taken somewhere in Oklahoma, don´t know exactly where. There are also pictures from Missouri, Kansas and Texas. Good windmills are getting harder to find, even out here in Oklahoma and Texas. A lot of the pictures in the Oklahoma galleries were taken at the Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park. I think you´ll find these pictures both interesting and educational. I had no idea how many different types of windmills there were, nor how deep some of them were able to pump water. The museum had one, the Eclipse; it was able to pump water from 2000 feet.

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