Gray Hairstreak flower peach blossom Sunflowers

My Back Yard

Since I got the digital camera, I started taking a closer look at my yard. It's amazing what you can see if you just stop, slow down, and take a closer look.

We have about 8 acres with about 4 acres of prairie, 2 acres of small trees and about 2 acres of grass. I've tried to take a hands off approach on about 5 acres just to see what grows. Before I took it over, the 5 acres were heavily grazed by cattle.

It's been a wonder to see what has come up during the various seasons. Starting in the spring you can count anywhere from 8 or 9 to over 20 varieties of wildflowers, depending on the season. In the spring the pinks, whites and lavenders predominate. During the fall the yellows seem to predominate.

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