About Us

I'm an aspiring amature photographer who's goal is to capture the beauty of this world and present it here for your enjoyment.

I started out with a couple of 35mm Minolta's in the late 70's and an assortment of lens. I had to give it up in the early 80's because of time constraints and cost. I was shooting mostly slides back then and frankly a lot of them didn't turn out too good. When digital came along I started getting a interested in photography again, but to get a camera with the capabilities I wanted was cost prohibitive.

Finally in 2003 Olympus came out with the digital C-750 Ultra Zoom, 4 mega pixel camera. It was a high end consumer camera with macro capabilities and a 10X zoom. So I took the plunge into the world of digital photography. A very large portion of the pictures on this web site were taken with this camera. While exploring the web for pictures I've seen some extremely good photography that was taken with the C-750 camera.

The nice thing about digital photography is the instant feedback vs. waiting for the film to come back from the photo lab. With digital, if you make a mistake you can correct it right then while you still remember what you did when you took the picture. I now take my camera everywhere I go. You never know when a good picture is going to present itself.

After about 2 years I had pretty well decided not to take the hobby any further and then a friend got a Cannon Rebel DSLR for Christmas and put it into my hands. After looking through that lens and seeing what the world looked like through a high quality lens I was hooked.

It took a couple of years but I finally saved enough money to buy a Cannon EOS5, 12 Mega Pixel camera with a couple of lens. I then had to figure out how to pay for my hobby, hence this website.

My wife and I take a lot of one and two-day road trips with the occasional 1-week excursion thrown in for good measure. Part of the joy of these trips is stumbling upon little hidden corners, or at least they were hidden to us. Most of the photos you find in these web pages were taken during these trips along with some from our own backyard.

I trust you will enjoy the pictures and come back.